"Our Veterans have approval to get another dog when they feel they are ready.
Stay tuned for updates..."

It is with heavy hearts we post, that Sammy peacefully passed away on February 28th 2015. Please keep our veterans in your thoughts and prayers as Sammy was their "battle buddy" friend, confidant and therapy dog. Sammy will truly be missed by all who knew him.

We all miss him so much, but not nearly as much as our Veterans! Sammy made Klein Hall a real home for the Veterans. There's nothing like having a buddy, friend and confidant to tell your troubles and fears to. We did a "Sammy lap" around Happy Tails Dog Park as he really loved our park.

Introducing Sammy, a 7-year old, male Golden Retriever. Sammy is a resident at the Veteran’s Assistance Program, in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin on the grounds of the Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled. Everyday, Sammy gives veterans love, affection, companionship, a sense of “home” and a host of other reasons for the veterans to stay strong, look forward and have better lives. Sammy asks for nothing other than love and affection, right back. The program helps veterans make the transition to the next phase of their lives. Sammy arrived a while back, and it became known that Sammy’s needs were being paid for by the veterans and staff ~ out of their own pockets. As soon as the Happy Tails Dog Park Board of Directors became aware of this situation, they stepped up to the plate, and lo and behold, the Good Samaritan philosophy was enacted! Sammy and friends

pictureRest In Peace Sammy!

Sammy, as in all canines, has needs. Among those: food, water, shelter, vetting, grooming, exercise, activities, training, immunizations, and most of all, continued contact with humans! Happy Tails Dog Park Board of Directors is raising funds to be donated directly for Sammy’s care. We would love to have you join us to support Sammy’s care and his continued life with the veterans! Just click on the button below to donate to OPERATION: Sammy. Thank you so much, we are honored that you have donated to such a worthy cause!


To read the article about Sammy in the Chippewa Herald, please click here!


picture   At the entrance to the Dog Park!
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